"It is the aim of the Family Counseling Center to provide respectful and courteous service to the public, to enhance each person's sense of value and self-esteem, and to foster self-acceptance, self-reliance, empowerment and recovery..."

Board of Directors

Blinn, Bobbi Ruth 
Boravatz, Virginia 
Bower, Susan 
Bryant, Mary Alice 
Coleman, Kathryn 
Garris, SandyTreasurer
Lipski, Mary Jo 
Marr, ConnieVice President
Molgaard, Richard 
Peterson, Kathleen 
Punchard, Evan 
Recupero, Frances 
Shaner, JohnPresident
Shellhammer, Susan 
Sibley, Lynn 
Starr, Joshua 
Tolliver, Charlotte 
Young, Alice