"It is the aim of the Family Counseling Center to provide respectful and courteous service to the public, to enhance each person's sense of value and self-esteem, and to foster self-acceptance, self-reliance, empowerment and recovery..."


With services spanning 6 decades, the Family Counseling Center of Armstrong County has been providing mental health and intellectual disability services to residents of our community for 62 years.The center received its state charter in 1961, incorporated under the name of Mental Health Clinic of Armstrong County, and began offering services from its first location at 301 South Jefferson Street in Kittanning on Tuesday May 01, 1962. In 1970 the center changed its name to the Family Counseling Center of Armstrong County and in 1977 moved to 150 South Jefferson Street, Kittanning. In January 2003, faced with the need for additional office space as new programs were developed and existing programs expanded, the Board of Directors authorized the construction of a new 32,000 square foot office building.The center opened for business at its new location of 300 South Jefferson Street on December 31, 2005. Constructed principally of steel and glass, the new office building reflects the heritage of the local steel and glass industries and promotes recovery and acceptance of mental health treatment. From a staff of 5 serving 74 individuals in 1964, the center currently employs over 160 staff and provides services to over 5000 different consumers per year. The Family Counseling Center is governed by a Board of Directors who are Armstrong County residents interested in addressing mental health and intellectual disability needs of the county through management of the Center. David Shaeffer, Ph.D.has served as the Executive Director of the agency since 1982.Mary Anne Galonski, M.D.serves as the Medical Director of the agency.